Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cooking Lazagna with Popop

Popop is trying to make sure Addalyn turns out to be a better cook than her momma!! She had fun cutting up everything except for the onions! After her eyes started burning Bma put her head in the freezer to help the burning!! Addalyn thought that was funny, later that day she hurt her finger and asked Bma to put it in the freezer to make it feel better too! haha!!

Trick or Treating at Popop and Bma's

We went to Fort Worth to Popop and Bma's house for trick or treating this year! It was so fun and it was the perfect little neighborhood for our new trick or treaters!! Barbie had a fire out in the drive way and we were able to mingle with their friendly neighbors! Popop went with Addalyn and thank goodness cause she started out shy and he helped her have a great time!!

Trick or Treat

So I was in Fort Worth for Halloween and had to find a cheerleader outfit at the last minute, so I went to Academy! I only had University of Texas or Cowboys to choose from and I knew either way I was in trouble! We live in Louisiana and it is the LAW that you are an LSU FAN and the SAINTS are the demanded team of choice!! So my excuse is that they had an outfit for Aiden to match in the Cowboys so I decided on the lesser of the two evils! haha!

Trick or Treat

Months ago Addalyn had a great idea that she would dress up as Little Red Riding Hood, Aiden would be the wolf, Adam would be the hunter, and i would be the Grandma for Halloween! So off I went trying to make it happen. Well October 30th came and Addalyn changed her mind and she decided she wanted to be a cheerleader, Aiden a football player, and dad the "wissel man"! So of course what Addalyn wants she gets so off I went AGAIN!! I just figured she was only 3 once and she only gets to trick or treat once a year!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Aiden's Blessing

Mammaw Hayes! Adam's Grandmother and Aiden's Great Grandmother!
Adam's brothers and their families! Adam's middle brother Luke and his family; Crystal (baby #3 in belly), Tylen, and Braylen. Then Adam's oldest brother Brandon and their mom Jill.

My mom and Bart

We blessed Aiden October 25th while my mom and Bart where here! Adam's cousin's and their families; Chad, Donna, Morgan and Marley from Baton Rouge La, Jared and Jamie from Many La, and Brent, Tatiana, Colton, Courtney, from Fort Worth TX! It was so sweet! It was really special because we had so much family there! It was great to all be together and the kids had so much fun seeing each other!

Addalyn is so sweet, she tries to take care of Aiden while I get ready for church!